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I just finished up my two-day Endo Mastery course in Scottsdale and it was an incredible success. Our event was sold out much due to the marketing we did with Endodontic Practice magazine. I feel that I gave my best presentation to date. By preparing for the DocTalk Dental interview with you the day before my meeting, I was able to clarify my message and articulate it to the participants better than I ever have. I was able to connect with the doctors and team members on a deeper emotional level. This resulted extremely high participant survey ratings and many of the doctors decided to go forward with our coaching program. I want to thank you for helping me and my team move to the next level of excellence. All the best.

Dr. Ace Goerigpresident, Endo Mastery seminars

Our experience with Orthodontic Practice Magazine has been beneficial for Medidenta for several reasons.
The Magazine itself is bright, very colorful and inviting to read. The layout of the informative articles is in an easy-to-read format, which we feel that most users will not only read but also browse through the complete publication. We have had success with our advertisements to this particular/specific market that we wish to reach. The representatives are knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive to our questions. They are attentive to any concerns that might arise and quickly get back to us. It has been a successful and enjoyable campaign with Orthodontic Practice US and one that we plan on continuing for the foreseeable future.

Al PerezMedidenta

We identified niche areas of dentistry where we wanted to focus. MedMark was able to help us hone in these areas by offering specific and measurable tools to achieve our goals. Their digital media concept offered us excellent results, which we plan to continue to rely on in the future.

Leonard PhippsTriHawk / THQ Inc.

At Carestream Dental, we value our relationship with Orthodontic Practice US. The publication is great to work with, very professional, and helps us get our message out to the orthodontic community.

David HoodDirector of Marketing, Carestream Dental

The very best thing about Orthodontic Practice US is that doctors read it. That may sound obvious, but whenever an article is published that’s even distantly related to the use of our technology, we hear about it. And while substance is fundamental, OPUS’s contemporary design style sets it apart from the more traditional clinically focused publications.

Bob DavisDirector of Marketing, Suresmile/OraMetrix

Orthodontic Practice US is my preferred publication over the competitor Orthodontic Products, due to their great customer service.

TomMid Atlantic Ortho

I love receiving my Endodontic Practice US issue every month. It is the most accessible “how to” and user-friendly endodontic magazine available anywhere. Indispensable.

Richard MounceDDS

It looks like this will be an excellent addition to the current literature that is available on dental sleep medicine. Keep up the good work!

Steve MarinkovichDDS

Wow! How awesome is this?!

Rhonda ChesleyResMed

I just have to say a big congrats to you, Steve, and all who have worked to make this journal possible. It is so refreshing to see a publication that is devoted to the practitioner. Well done!

Steven BenderDDS
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