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MedMark LLC, was formed in 2005 by thought leader Lisa Moler. Now, MedMark Media, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is proud to have evolved into the leading interactive marketing and multi-platform advertising company specializing in the niche specialties of dentistry.

We are creating a healthier America through knowledge, due diligence, and experience, by empowering dental professionals with high quality clinical information in clear and concise language and showcasing innovative technologies.



Dear Media Buyers:

As publisher of MedMark Media, I am often asked about the secret to operating a successful business in the current competitive world. As a lifelong entrepreneur, this question has led to much introspection, research, and of course, some sweat and tears in the 14 years since I launched my first publication. The secret is actually very evident to those who read and advertise with us — that our dental publication brands represent a unique understanding of the niche dental world, evolving trends, and proven in-chair techniques. We have a laser focus on the dental industry that is direct, accurate, and intense.

MedMark Media publications, Endodontic Practice US, Implant Practice US, Orthodontic Practice US, and the award-winning Dental Sleep Practice, provide the most relevant information and valuable clinical and business insights to our readers. Our publications provide an enormous range of clinical and custom content including: industry-leading articles, practice management, practice profiles, continuing education opportunities, and emerging technology articles, written by world-renowned specialists and skilled general dentists.

For our dental specialty readers to accomplish their clinical goals, they need to be aware of the technologies and equipment available that can help to provide better diagnostics and treatment or a better workflow for their practice. To that goal, we offer multi-faceted dental marketing. From print ads, to our DocTalk Live series, to Facebook Live interviews and custom webinars, we are constantly expanding the scope of our emedia packages to enhance lead generation options and help generate excitement for new product launches or existing products.

Through conversations and attending conferences across a spectrum of specialties, our marketing team hears the needs and concerns of the dental community every day. We are always learning from our esteemed contacts in the dental industry who help their peers expand their comfort zones, their treatment options, and their businesses.

MedMark Media publications remain focused on improving the lives of dentists’, their staffs, and ultimately, the patients — and our advertisers and authors are integral to achieving those lofty goals. I invite you to call us and see how we can bring your products or services to light, with our laser-focused, results-based approach to marketing.

We’re looking forward to partnering with you and serving you!

Our Team



Adrienne Good

Dental Sleep & Endodontic Practice
Account Manager


Melissa Minnick

Sales Assistant and
Client Services



Amzi Koury

Director of Digital Media


Michelle Britzius

eMedia Coordinator


April Gutierrez

Social and PR Manager

Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell

Website Architect

Alejandra Arellano


Marketing Assistant


Jason Tierney

Jason Tierney

Dental Sleep Practice Editor in Chief


Mali Schantz-Feld, MA

Managing Editor


Betty Romanek

Assistant Editor


Amanda Culver

Creative Director/Production Manager



Don Gardner

Director of Operations


Andrea Sherman


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