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While MedMark Media is well known for our nationally recognized clinical journals, fewer people are aware of our excellent “hidden gem” — marketing services. Their loss is your gain! We can assist you with Custom Video Production, E-News, Social Exposure, Landing Pages, Print, Banner Ads, Lead Generation, Reporting & Stats and more. MedMark Media is proud to provide all of the marketing services that you need on your path from Connection to Success.


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Lead Generation Package

Our lead generation package blends eMedia and print to provide you with the coverage and repetition required to reach your audience with your persuasive messaging and credible content. Research data proves that repetition is key; seldom does a single, short-term initiative yield impressive results. It’s only through a deliberate, consistent campaign to reach your audience through print and eMedia channels, over a sustained period of time, that you can maximize your opportunity to realize your lead generation objectives.

Branding Package

Our branding package keeps branding simple with clear objectives. Our approach is to keep you and your brand top-of-mind among your target audience. Maintaining a sustained presence with the correct messaging is the key to ensuring that you achieve your brand positioning, build brand equity, and maintain your branding advantages. Our marketing experts have crafted a blend of eMedia and print to accomplish these simple branding objectives.

Launch Package for Products and/or Services

Our clients frequently introduce a new product or service to their target audiences. These new product launches compete for attention not only with competitor’s “noise” in the market but sometimes may even cannibalize our client’s existing offerings. You only have one chance to launch, so it has to be done right. Our professionals have designed a package that combines various eMedia and print services to ensure that your launch is not only successful but also makes the kind of splash that is best for your business.

Education Package

Our clients have had tremendous success educating their target audiences through our eMedia and print services. Embedding promotion within the context of education is a powerful and highly effective marketing technique that builds awareness and understanding of your products and/or services in a credible, less-obviously commercial manner. Our professionals have created an education package that includes the components proven effective across the industry. We’re sure you’ll be as pleased with the results as are our previous clients!

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Our Integrated Marketing is a proven marketing strategy that focuses on key components of importance. We have mastered this and the results are consistent, seamless, and create a multi-dimensional brand experience for the consumer. This means that each branding effort – across webinars, DocTalk Dental, print, Internet, and in person – is presented in a similar style that reinforces the brand’s ultimate message.

Live Interview Series

Engage your customers in conversations! MedMark Media CEO Lisa Moler has been in the industry for over 12 years and is constantly striving to create added value for her community. To that end, Lisa’s newest outreach engages customers and providers alike through the interactive and captivating Live Interview Series. The impact of Lisa’s series is rippling through the industry! These videos can be used to educate, connect and even broaden the dental professional community. Further, the videos can be syndicated through the internet and will help you stand out from your competition. Lisa, as a disruptive marketer, will help position your company as the only choice for your provided services or product offerings by means of education, connection, and visibility. Knowledge is power; Put that power to work for your business.

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