Dental Sleep Practice

Sleep Apnea, a sleep disorder that causes breathing to frequently stop and start, has been associated with significant health risks, including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. In the national effort to understand, diagnose and treat this disorder, dental professionals have emerged as a niche yet important part of the community seeking to build a knowledge database aimed at alleviating human suffering due to Sleep Apnea.

MedMark’s Dental Sleep Practice journal is specifically designed to serve the professionals whose practices focus on understanding and treating Sleep Apnea disorders in the United States. The journal caters to all in the industry, from newcomers seeking to immerse themselves in best practices to current practitioners sharing their latest insights to service or equipment providers benefiting from a constant and deep connection to current and potential customers.

Dental Sleep Practice is distributed quarterly and has a national circulation of 30,000 specialty professionals. MedMark’s proprietary circulation list is constantly updated, validated and expanded to ensure Dental Sleep Practice’s relevance and impact in the industry.


Endodontic Practice US

Endodontists use advanced training, specialized procedures and employ the latest cutting-edge technology to provide a premium level of dental care. In fact, over the past few decades, the field of endodontics has benefited from a period of significant evolution in both the art and science of dental treatment.

MedMark’s Endodontic Practice US is produced exclusively for endodontists and GPs performing endodontic techniques. Recognized as one of the leading endodontic clinical journals in the United States, Endodontic Practice US delivers advanced, specialized and cutting-edge information ideally suited to the standards and expectations of the endodontic community. Additionally, as an AGD/Pace certified publication, Endodontic Practice US empowers readers to fulfill their required continuing education credits.

Endodontic Practice US is distributed quarterly to a highly targeted, national circulation of 7,500 dental specialty professionals. MedMark regularly updates and improves its database of endodontic professionals to deliver quality, targeted information to a strong readership base in the US market.

Endodontic Practice US is a pillar in the endodontic community, connecting anyone dedicated to endodontic practices, education and discussions. With its highly targeted reach and specialized information, Endodontic Practice US is proven to be the most effective publication through which to communicate all things endodontic.


Implant Practice US

Dental practitioners whose offices work with dental implants well understand the specific factors necessary to maintain a high standard of customer care, from special education and training to knowledge on the latest equipment. To be sure, dental implant professionals are trusted partners of patients seeking to improve a most personal aspect of their lives – their very image.

MedMark’s Implant Practice US is produced exclusively for implant specialists and GPs performing implant techniques. Recognized as one of the leading implant clinical journals in the United States, Implant Practice US brings the same high standard of information and education as required in the industry. Indeed, Implant Practice US is a trusted partner of all top implant practitioners desiring to deliver quality patient care.

Implant Practice US is distributed quarterly to a highly targeted, national circulation of 10,000 dental specialty professionals. Implant Practice US is AGD/Pace certified, a powerful tool to maintain and increase circulation, and empowers readers to fulfill their required continuing education credits.

Implant specialists require focused and relevant information. Implant Practice US speaks directly to the needs of this exclusive group and offers an unparalleled opportunity break in at the ground level.


Orthodontic Practice US

Modern practices are highly specialized and require advanced education and training. Further, some estimate that up to 30% of the population could benefit from orthodontic treatments, making orthodontics one of the most prevalent of all specialized dental practices.

MedMark’s Orthodontic Practice US is produced for those specializing in orthodontics as well as those interested in staying current on the industry evolution. The journal focuses on delivering quality, cutting-edge information and is a valued resource for both practitioners and service or equipment providers. Orthodontic Practice US is an AGD/Pace certified publication, empowering readers to fulfill their required continuing education credits.

Orthodontic Practice US is distributed bi-monthly to a highly targeted, national circulation of 10,000 dental specialty professionals. MedMark maintains an up-to-date circulation list of orthodontic professionals and actively works improve the publication’s readership base in the US market.

Orthodontic Practice US works, through its subscriber base, to connect the orthodontic community and to reach the industry’s most influential practitioners. Orthodontic Practice US’s narrow scope ensures that those wishing to interact with orthodontic specialist are in direct communication.


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Peer-reviewed clinical articles cover new techniques, technologies, and products. Detailed case reports with large clinical images guide readers through specific steps of successful cases.

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Peer-reviewed educational articles deliver current topics, offering 2 hours of CE credit per article. Paid subscribers who pass a quiz, receive a certificate of completion.

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