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DocTalk Dental is your source for thought leader interviews in orthodontics, endodontics, dental implants, dental sleep, and more. This podcast and video series provides insight and delightful conversation with top dental professionals. Each episode takes a deep-dive into a different and intriguing area of dentistry.

The interviews are led by Lisa Moler, CEO/founder and publisher of MedMark, LLC. Since launching MedMark in 2005, Lisa has been the driving force behind Endodontic Practice US, Implant Practice US, Orthodontic Practice US, and Dental Sleep Practice magazines.

Her high energy blended with extensive sales, marketing, and advertising experience has made Lisa a thought leader in the dental publishing field. Throughout her publications and emedia endeavors, she has built a culture of performance, respect, trust, and collaboration.

Featured Episode: Tony Robbins

Lisa Moler, CEO of MedMark, sits down to talk dentistry with life and business strategist and New York Times best-selling author Tony Robbins.

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