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imageWhether you want to advertise your services to a targeted audience or are a dental practitioner who’s eager to make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest professional news, a high-quality, well-respected dental journal is always a useful tool. We are a leading publisher of dental journals and online services, providing information on topics such as technological advances, fresh treatment approaches, industry changes, and other information that is integral to the dental community.

Several Different Types of Dental News Available

We publish a number of prestigious journals, including Dental Sleep Practice, Endodontic Practice US, Implant Practice US, and Orthodontic Practice US. These periodicals showcase topics from detailed case studies through to cutting-edge techniques, new research findings, and profiles of some of the most well respected figures in the industry. Our journals also help you to keep pace with new developments and offer perfect opportunity for advertising products that are relevant and valuable to the dental profession.

Marketing to Dental Professionals in a Meaningful Way

Our aim is to offer a mutually beneficial service to both dental professionals and the myriad of companies that provide the goods and services they need to work effectively. Our journals contain high-quality, genuinely useful information from leading authorities on topics of interest to dental professionals. This means that when you advertise with us, your messages will meet a receptive audience.

Dental Information and Dental News from a Well-Established Company

As a well-known publisher of dental journals, we have a wealth of specialist knowledge and marketing skills for dental professionals. Through our prestigious, journals, we engage with dentists across the country, giving them access to the information they need for continued professional development. To find out more about our dental news, marketing opportunities, or any aspect of MedMark Media, call us at (866) 579-9496.

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