Use Seasonality in Dentistry to Your Advantage

As the saying goes, ‘For everything there is a season.’ Every dental office understands the meaning of seasonality and how it can affect their business. By using targeted marketing, the dental practice can use your talents, time and resources more effectively.

Establish New Patients

August tends to be a great month for gaining new patients. Some of this is due to the annual back-to-school rush. Other months that are great for attracting new patients tend to be October, November, February, March and also April. One way you can help gain more attention for your practice during off months is to prepare a new-resident mailer using the list of names you’ve accumulated during the busy months. Send the May and June list of names out in late July as well as early August. Prepare another mail-out in January and February using the name list from November and December. Go with the flow, and advertise while you are busy instead of waiting for an off-time. Prepare newsletters, ads, direct-mail campaigns and flyers and send them out during months known to be attractive to new patients. A well written reminder sent at just the right time reminds people to make an appointment for a check-up instead of putting it off, while also encouraging them to remind their friends to get a check-up too.

Know the Rhythm of Your Practice

In order to become very familiar with the rhythm of your practice, it’s important to review computer reports, track new patients and exams from over the past two to three years. This will truly indicate your dental practice rhythm and help unlock your freedom to hold beneficial yearly events or discounts on certain services. Dental health month for example, should be treated like a holiday or celebration period for the dental industry. Promote your practice and dental health by holding an event. Plan for your future by creating dental health month promotions to gain a larger patient base. You can work with the seasons to make better connections and gain new patients.

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