Turning “people” into “patients”

In our previous newsletter, we shared some advice on ways to attract patients to your website.  Even with the best of sites, the challenge is how to change a “person” into a “patient.” This is called “lead conversion.” Professional marketer, Ian McNickle, shares some insight on why it may be best to have a professional take the lead in this niche.

Why should I care about “lead conversion?”

An average website may generate 500 visits per month with an average conversion rate of around 10%. If you can implement strategies to improve your conversion rate, and it improves to 12%, this slight 2% improvement equates to 10 additional new patient leads per month or 120 per year. If you can convert even 25% of these new patient leads, that’s an extra 30 patients per year!

The good news is most of the items that improve the website conversion rate do not involve ongoing costs, but rather specific expertise and industry experience to properly design and construct the website.

Once you’ve implemented a robust program to generate traffic, it is equally important to understand how to convert all this traffic into new patient leads. As with traffic, there are many items that affect website lead conversion such as:

  • having a modern website design with proper layout
  • the location of the phone number
  • appointment request buttons or forms
  • clear calls to action
  • effective use of videos
  • compelling offers
  • online scheduling links
  • the use of actual photos instead of stock photos
  • great doctor bio and team pages
  • patient testimonials (video and written)
  • helpful and accurate content

Consulting a marketing expert with knowledge of the dental industry will ensure that your lead conversion is well thought out and implemented specifically for your practice. Contact MedMark Media’s representatives to help maximize your return on your website investment.



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