To reach the road to success, steer patients to your website!

Getting value from your website is an essential for practice success. Marketing must achieve specific objectives, including driving traffic to your website and converting that traffic so that patients can take the actions that will benefit your practice.

Ways to attract patients to your website

Steering potential patients to your website can be achieved in several ways:

Search engine optimization: This process uses various strategies to maximize that number of visitors to your website by obtaining a higher ranking in the search results page of a search engine (such as Google). You want that traffic to really be interested in the services that you offer. But the more people who click on your site, the greater the chance that you will find some new patients from the process.  The goal is to have useful, interesting content about your practice and its options and even your technology on your website and then use words and phrases that will be used by people searching for those things. 

Pay per click paid ads: With this type of marketing, the website owners pay a fee for each time their ad is clicked. When a searcher clicks on a keyword that is mentioned on your site that is related to your practice, your ad may show up on the results page in Google. The goal is to get a top spot on the results page.

Social Media: Stay active on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, and ask your patients to “Like” your page so their friends can see your posts. Millions of people use social media every day, so as your “followers” grow, so can your patient base!

Review sites: These sites have both positive and negative effects. Hopefully, patients will post great reviews about your office and staff. The goal is to get many reviews so that if a negative review is posted, others can see that there are hundreds of great reviews and just one or two negative ones. Ask your patients to stop by those sites and leave a review about their great experience at your office.

After patients visit your website, there is plenty more that you can do to maximize your website’s value to them. This is called website “conversion.” Look for our next newsletter to find out more about ways to drive those patients to your destination — your practice!

Understanding these concepts is important, and it is just as important to have help in achieving your goals. Contact MedMark Media’s representatives to see how we can help you to establish the most targeted ways to help potential patients find your website more easily.

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