Stem Cells in Dentistry – New options on the Horizon

Dental fillings are necessary for good dental health in the presence of dental caries, and research is continuing to find the best way to treat this widespread dental issue. Thanks to stem cell therapy research, dentists in the future may be able to use stem cell fillings to regenerate and repair teeth. Researchers from the University of Nottingham and Harvard University developed a new procedure that prompts the patient’s tooth to heal itself using the stem cells that are already there. It is a revolutionary discovery that may lead to innovative treatments in the years ahead.

Stem cell fillings also will have the potential to impact dental patients and heal their teeth whether they have endured a dental injury, dental surgery or due to dental disease. Biomaterial helps the tooth actually heal itself. Synthetic biomaterials inserted into a patient’s tooth can stimulate dental stem cells to regenerate and repair dentin, thus eliminating the need for more complex procedures.

This is not being used just yet in dental practices and is in the research stages.

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