Sleeping Beauty

Thank you to Dental Entrepreneur Woman for publishing Lisa Moler’s article in their summer 2018 issue.

SLEEP. It’s our escape, our refuge, our fountain of youth, our everything …. well, except when it’s NOT.

Five years ago, I couldn’t escape the same recurring nightmare. I would awaken a few nights a week in terror sweats that someone was choking me! I was literally waking up choking, out of breath, shaken and exhausted, I would remind myself to breathe, that I was OK and just having “that nightmare” again. Turns out, I couldn’t have been more not OK.

I was tired. I mean really TIRED. Like the kind a two-hour nap just won’t shake. Like falling asleep at my desk at 3:30 in the afternoon at my computer, every-day exhausted. I was fatigued, in pain, cranky as all get-out (think PMS on steroids … my poor hubby). I thought I was literally dying. I had to function during the day. I owned a business. I was a publisher responsible for three magazines with crazy deadlines. I needed some serious help!

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