Keep cultivating team players

Your office staff is your most important asset, and keeping your team involved and invested in your practice can be one of the most important strategies to building your business. Ali Oromchian, JD, LLM, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of HR for Health in the San Francisco Bay area, offered some guidance to MedMark readers on some ways to keep your employees excited about your workplace.

One of those ways is by committing to regular feedback and open dialogue. In addition to outlining job expectations in your employee manual, you should also provide regular feedback to your employees and opportunities to maintain an open dialogue with management. Your employee manual can only say so much, so it is up to you to fill in any gaps with supplemental conversations and meetings. An easy way to promote these kinds of interactions is by scheduling regular check-ins and opportunities for open discussion and evaluations. It is important to note that different employees might be more receptive to differing styles of discussions, suggestions, and criticism. For instance, some may feel discomfort when discussing constructive criticisms in front of their peers. Others may have no issues with large group discussions. By developing opportunities for various levels of dialogue, you can be sure that you are obtaining a variety of responses from a broader group of employees.

While you should certainly offer regular feedback for all employees, as you seek to guide your employees in professional development, it is imperative you also consistently promote and facilitate leadership, accountability, and communication. Scheduling frequent meetings and check-ins allows you to build a rapport with your team, resolve issues, and facilitate leadership growth.

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