Finding a balance to achieve greater productivity

Multitasking is a necessity in the bustling modern dental office. While dentists and their enthusiastic teams always try to be valuable in all areas of the practice, practice consultant and endodontist Joel Small notes that achieving “balance” in the office takes introspection and prioritization.

Here are some methods of ensuring that your time and energy are put to their most fulfilling use.

Determine what is valuable: Make a list of meaningful aspects of your practice and your personal life. Try to pinpoint your goals and the values that will help you to achieve them. Figure out whether you are fulfilling your own goals and dreams, or someone else’s.

Determine what is essential: To meet this challenge, make a list of actions and behaviors throughout the week. At the end of the week, look over the list and figure out which actions are the most productive, while also honoring your values. The rest of the actions and behaviors are not discarded, but rather categorized and dealt with as non-essentials. Once the essentials list has been established, prioritize the items on the list in order of their significance. 

Prioritize: Take the list of essentials that you have created and put them in order of importance. Those most important will be on the top of the list, with the less important items in order thereafter. Focus on the ones that will be integral to helping you achieve your goals. 

Learn how to delegate: If an item does not qualify for your list of essentials, that doesn’t mean it is not important to the daily workings of the office — it just means that task should be delegated to an office staff member who would be more attuned to getting it done.  For example, if the clinician has been ordering supplies, maybe it is time to train another team member on how to monitor and order the items.

Defining your essentials may offer you some insights into growth areas that you can attain if you just had the time. This can make you more productive and show your staff that you trust them with some essential office tasks.

Look for Dr. Small’s articles in MedMark publications, to discover other ways to practice success!

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