The Evolution of Oral Health

The evolution of oral health has come a long way since the first traces of it in 7,000 BCE within the Indus Valley Civilization, now known as Pakistan. Researchers have speculated that an ancient makeshift drill constructed of flint heads was used by bead craftsmen to remove rotting tissue as well as tooth enamel. While the evidence says that the procedure was effective, it was likely difficult to suffer through. Dentistry, as we know it today, thankfully has evolved in compassionate treatment of patients and technologies that promote dental wellness as well as dental treatment…

The Advancement of Dentists

The term “dentist” wasn’t used originally. In fact, dentists were first known as barber-surgeons and did more than just work on teeth. Barber-surgeons were well-known in Europe at the start of the 13th century. By the 18th century, the exclusive dentist profession actually emerged with Pierre Fauchard becoming the “Father of Modern Dentistry.” Dental technology advanced quickly in the 1800s, and breakthroughs were made in regards to dental care with the development of porcelain dentures via Giuseppangelo Fonzi, an Italian physician. Since this time, many areas of dentistry have enjoyed significant advancements, from equipment to procedures to patient care. 

Past and Ongoing Great Dental Advances

Dentistry has expanded and grown rapidly through the centuries. Since the first drill was used literally thousands of years ago until today, there have been extensive advancements in regulations, training, and technology that has, in turn, led to developments in dental practices and, more importantly, in patient care. On a bright note, advancement in the dental industry shows no sign of slowing, forecasting great things for the 21st century.

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